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Navigating the Gambling World in 2019

Over the past century gambling has continued to evolve whether we are talking about online gambling or being at a brick and morter casino. The times are gone where you have to plan a special gambling trip to Atlantic city, or Las Vegas. Now there are casinos everywhere you look. If you are in the south then you are probably going to have to get on a cruise ship and sail into international waters which can be fun but if you lose pretty quickly then you are stuck on a ship for the rest of the night.

Online Gambling

Back in 2010 online poker was in it’s prime and many people were making a pretty good living. Congress decided to pass a bill making online gambling in the US illegal. This set poker back at least a decade. Luckily, they have pretty lenient allowing you to play at slot sites like Fruity King. Deposits in an online casino is typically pretty easy and straight forward. Sometimes it takes a little bit to make your first withdrawal because there is going to be some verification to make sure you are of legal age and the correct person.

Going to a Casino

If you are Europe the age to get into the casino is 18. In the US most of the time it is 21 but in some Native American casinos the age is 18. In Florida you can play poker at 18 but you cannot play blackjack unless you are 21. This is all for the best since most people under a certain age are not in a position to lost money and probably cannot handle a lot of money if they win. Five years ago Atlantic City was pretty much dead and bankrupt but recently there were two casinos opened like the Hard Rock.

Most Popular Table Games

Right now, the most popular games are the ones with the best odds to win. They are Baccarat and blackjack. As for the other games there are a few new ones like the poker-based Mississippi stud and Ultimate Texas Holdem. Mississippi stud is a fun game to play since you are playing against yourself and not a dealer. There is nothing worse then when you are playing three card poker and end up with a flush to find out that the dealer has a straight flush.

Overall the gambling industry is changing too fast to keep up. So many new casinos are opening up and the rules are becoming a lot more lenient.