magazinescovers.jpgTechie Diva has been in the press often since it’s launch in
2005. Below are a few clippings of instances when either Techie Diva or founder Gina Hughes (also a Yahoo! Tech Advisor) were mentioned. We love talking to the press, so don’t be shy, and drop us a line at [email protected] if you want to speak to one of our experts. We’re always available.

How on Gadget Junkie used her .com to become the Techie Diva (2010)

The Influence of Global Technology at Intel’s Upgrade Your Life (2009)

Pink Channel Radio-Interview with Gina Hughes and Ponzi Pirillo (2009)

Male Social Media Fantasy: Hot bloggers with big guns-Guy Kawasaki (2009)

Avere Group Blogger Nominees Embark to USS Green Bay(2009)

Notes from BlogHer 09-Yahoo! Shine (2009)
Ubergizmo Digital Summer 2009: Smashing Success (Techie Diva was a Media Sponsor)
Intel’s “Upgrade Your Life”: The Content Managers

I am woman (roar)-PR Squared

GirlsinTech San Francisco: Journalism 2.0-Bubblicious

Girls in Tech “Journalism 2.0? Panel: Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Stick- Things D

Hosted Radio Shack's-Netogether in Times Square NY-Tech Makeovers

People Style Watch: What’s In, What’s Out (February 2008)
People Style Watch: What’s In, What’s Out (March 2008)
People Style Watch: What’s In, What’s Out (February 2008)
BluePrint Magazine: Image Control (January/February 2008)
FM 107.1 Living Life Out Loud: CES Must-Have Gadgets (January 2008)
GeekBrief GBTV #298 (January 2008)
Violet Blue’s Top Ten Sexy Geeks 2007 (December 2007)
People Style Watch: What’s In, What’s Out (September 2007)
People Style Watch: What’s In, What’s Out (August 2007)
Family Circle: Gearing Up for School (August 2007)
She Unlimited: Techie Diva-Yahoo! Tech Advisor (August 2007)
GenPink: The W List: Outstanding Women Bloggers (Aug 2007)
KPIX CBS 5 Consumer Watch: Click to Call Services Keep Your Number Private (aired
June 2007)
GeekSugar: Geeky Girl We Love: Gina Hughes (March 2007)
Born Rich: Gina Hughes Cool Geek of the Week (March 2007)
Fine Living Tech Check with Becky Worley (April 2007)
KPIX CBS 5: Phone Services Promise to Help Consumers ( Feb 2007)
The Rolonda Watts Radio Show (October 2006) Top 99 Undiscovered Web Sites (August 2006) You go, girl gadgeteer (July 2006)
New York Times: In Business, Women and Electroncs: Making a Match (November 2005)
AOL Tech Buzz (2005)
Typepad Featured Weblog (2005)
Today Show: Women in Technology (2005)Contra Costa Times: Gadget Firms Start to Notice the Gals (June 2005)
RadioDirt Devil Radio Tour

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