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Tips on Teaching Your Child Time Management Skills

Childhood is the most undisciplined phase of life, especially if parents do not monitor their child. Children prefer to watch Television or browse the internet all day without helping in the daily chores or doing their assignment. Some parents may argue that childhood is the time to let their child play freely and enjoy being kids because when they grow up, they will have no more time to fool around. However, many parents do not realize that by spoiling their child and letting them do what they want at an early stage are not helping with their child’s growth. Rather, their kids will lack in time management skills and will make their life difficult.

Here are tips on how to teach your child time management skills:

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Help them set up daily priorities



Young children may not understand the word priority but you can still teach them the basic concept. Teach them to make a list that goes like this: First, next, last. It is that simple. Your child will then know the meaning of priorities as he or she grows.

Start teaching your kids time-management before they become teens



The earlier, the better. Teaching your kids time-management before they become hard headed will be much easier for you. But I do not mean that you cannot teach time management to your teens. It’s just that teaching younger child is much easier as they will still be obedient to you. Also, when you teach them earlier, their life will become easier for they are already trained at an early stage.

Stay on the task



Do not be tempted to prolong or extend a particular task even for a few minutes. Like letting your kids play a little longer or let them spend more time when studying when they should be in bed at 8:00. When your kids are just learning time management, following a task schedule is a must. Straying even a few minutes can throw your kid’s off and will question if there really is a need to following the schedule.

Give them rewards



For every task completed, consider giving your child a reward. Usually, kids will be very happy if you just give them a candy or toy they always want. Also, when kids know that there is a reward for completing a task; they will likely be encouragedand motivated to finish it in no time.

Use Kid-Friendly Time Management Tool



For parents who are always busy and sometimes forget to monitor their children, they can download and install a time management tool for their kids. Such tool likeKidgy Parental Control App can help parents create scheduled tasks for their kids and monitor them if they are following the tasks given. The Kidgy Parental Control App has a feature called which can:

  • Set or schedule task for your kids
  • Monitor or follow your kids’ progress.
  • Teach your child to organize daily home routines
  • Interact remotely with your child

Teaching your child time management is an essential requirement for their adult success.  As a parent, you should start teaching them while they are still young and help them put aside procrastination to grow into a well-disciplined adult.