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How AI is Changing the World Around Us

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more relevant across many industries. Thousands of AI related companies are sprouting up all across the world with many different objectives whether it is predicting certain diseases and reducing financial risk for payers, providers and patients. What is AI? AI is any task performed by a different program or machine that would require intelligence if a human had to do it. This can even be applied to poker, and ping pong.

Predicting Diseases

When it comes to predicting diseases AI is in the elementary stages. As far as software companies and industry professionals are getting, they are just starting to make breakthroughs. Recently a small company in Philadelphia received a contract to work with a large health insurance company. The objective was to be able to us AI in order to predict which patients would benefit from certain genetic tests in order to find the right drug for the patient. There are thousands of labs that push mostly unnecessary tests on patients that the insurance companies end up paying for. To avoid this that software company used their machine learning algorithm to find the top five percent of patients that should get the test which saved the insurance company millions of dollars.


A few years ago a group of students decided to build an AI based machine that is able to play poker at a professional level. A small group of some of the best poker players in the world faced off the robots over a one week period and were beaten overall. As soon as the players started to catch on to some of the moves the AI based robot would evolve and learn. There is a similar story about ping pong. The thing is that machines do not get tired while humans need rest.

Travel Industry

Imagine booking a tour guide that happens to be a robot.  As crazy as this sounds it is going to be a thing that you will be able to do in the next few years. At some airports there are robots that offer to take your luggage and check you in.

If you are wondering about what is happening now then you can find your way to the Royal Caribbean’s bionic bar. For those of you that hate waiting at a busy bar hoping to get the bartenders attention before someone who came after you then the bionic bar is going to be a nice surprise. The bionic bartender is able to make one thousand drinks per day.

Business Employment


Amazon is using AI in a ton of different ways across a few industries. When it comes to their healthcare project it is secretive so no one besides the internal team knows what the objectives are but there are a few hints in a select amount of articles. As for shipping, they have over 100,000 robots in their warehouses that help pick orders and pack them up. Amazon is going to be one of the major powerhouses in this industry. Many companies do a ton of secretive projects behind the scenes which makes for exciting times. Keep your eye out for new ways AI is changing the world.

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