HANNspree ships XM line of LCD monitors

hannspree-bostonHANNspree is a name synonymous with unique LCD TVs that are guaranteed to breathe a life of fresh air into your living room. The company has just begun to ship a couple of new LCD TV sets, and this time they come in the form of the HANNS Boston and HANNS New York. The former features a high quality, retro styled wood pattern monitor frame complete with a cylindrical stand in a metallic finish, making this LCD display more than just a simple viewing device. It is a testament to your exquisite personal taste and adds a dash of elegance at home or in the office.

As for the HANNS New York, this trendy LCD TV combines great fashion taste as well as functionality. Featuring a tough and sturdy look, it features integrated multimedia speakers and a 19" viewing real estate that boasts wide viewing angles. Features include a contrast ratio of 700 to 1 and an ultra fast response time of 5ms that removes the ghosting issue which plagues slower LCD panels. Both will begin shipping for $249.99 each.

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