Top swimwear trends for summer 2019

To help you navigate this season’s best looks and styles, we have brought together the ultimate guide on which fashions are in 2019.

Summer is almost here, and with it the chance to get a little sun and relaxation. Whether by a pool on holiday, or in your garden to read a book and get a little vitamin D there are such a wide range of beautiful bikinis and full swimming suits available the choice is almost too much.  

Start with contrasting textures and crochet

This year expect to see a lot of the detailing brought to life through contrasting textures, for example the typical swimwear material of lycra paired with crochet detailing. And for the ultra fashionista then you can go one step further for the all out matching crochet sets.

Goodbye little string bikini, hello support and coverage

For those of us not built like a supermodel, this is a cause for celebration. There are very few people on this planet who actually look good in a triangle string bikini, and with trends leaning towards texture, shape and cute detailing this just doesn’t suit the triangle look at all.

We can say the same of the super high leg look that leaves little to the imagination. While the 90s revival might be going strong in general fashion trends, this one is simply not staying the course.

Instead expect to see on sites like https://buyviu.us/ a range of swim shorts, and boy-leg bottoms, with a high waist and a vintage 60’s feel. A great way to celebrate those curves. Another win for the top heavy crowd - thick straps and underwires are also making it big this year. Finally some fashionable support, instead of the typical mum costume that is always available yet never in style.

Sustainability is the way forward

This trend is less to do with the styles available, and more to do with making the right choice for the environment and our planet.

Consumers are opting for quality pieces meant to last, and moving away from the cheap, fast fashion offered so easily these days across social media sites. It is about fair and sustainable production, low carbon footprints in the supply chain and transparent and ethical practices by companies.

Bold colors and matching prints are a must have

Muted colors are definitely on the back burner this year.Tropical prints and stripes are also out, so leave those in the back of your closet for another year because you will probably need them next year!

Instead go for bold colors, and block print or miniature floral. Or for a real statement then glitter is going to be massive - the more glitter the better so you quite literally sparkle in the sunshine.

The other thing to consider is a 3-piece matching suit. We’ve been mixing and matching top and bottoms for so many years now this will feel a bit strange (and don’t worry mix and match is definitely still a thing!). But a matching two piece with a matching loose shirt or kaftan is a good choice - and great for a little sun protection too.

The devil is in the detail

Finally is is all about detail. The ruffles widely seen in 2018 are out, and gathering, buttons, contrast textures and rings are all in. It will give a sophisticated flavor to the style and gathered or ruched fabrics are so pretty and feminine and very flattering.

These little touches will draw the eye, but also because of the fussiness of it, you won’t need to worry about beach or pool jewellery as an extra thing to pack and get in the way.