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4 Amazing Tech Devices for Teachers

Over the past few decades, technology has seeped into practically every aspect of our lives. As it continues to evolve, there is simply no sector in today’s society and economy which can escape from the impact of artificial intelligence and smart devices which help provide better services, better communication and overall better experience for everybody.

The education sector is one such industry that is going through a drastic change due to the new and innovative tech devices out there. With the widespread popularity and usage of laptops and smartphones among students, tasks such as submitting assignments, writing essay online and grading have recently fully migrated into online platforms.

Innovative Solutions for Teachers

It may sometimes seem like there are not enough tech gadgets and devices targeting teachers in comparison to the massive influx of gadgets and smartphone applications that target students. Many studies show that the teachers who incorporate technology into their teaching methods tend to acquire better focus and attention from the students. This article lists out 4 of the best tech devices for teachers currently available in the market.

1) Interactive Whiteboards – Numonics Intelliboard

Smart or Interactive Whiteboards have become quite popular in classrooms, allowing teachers to make their notes and explanations more collaborative and attractive to the students. Numonics Intelliboard takes the interactive whiteboards a step further and gives the teachers the chance to connect to the internet, make real-time drawings and written explanations over existing softcopies of notes as they explain, add highlights and more. Numonics Intelliboard also allows cutting and pasting information, which helps in more in-depth classroom discussions.

2) Inkling by Wacom

This is a simple note-taking tool that delivers a lot of convenience and ease for teachers and students alike. With new information that gets constantly updated being available readily online, it is now difficult to keep up with knowledge by just using pen and paper. That is where Wacom Inkling comes in. It gives the texture and feel of writing in the paper, yet directly transfers the notes that you take or the sketches you make on it directly to your computer. Wacom Inkling’s main target audience is art teachers since it is a great tool for rendering art.

3) IPEVO Point 2 View USB Document Camera

As the technology evolved through time, cameras are perhaps one of the first tech gadgets to enter classrooms, helping teachers to make their lessons more attractive and engaging in many ways. IPEVO Point 2 View is a document camera that can be connected to your computer through the USB drive. It helps take 3-D videos, capture quality pictures and also do video conferencing. Due to these features, it makes a great distance learning tool.

4) Trust Wireless Presenter 16661

Presentations remain to be one of the best ways to explain a subject in detail. As a teacher, you may have done countless presentations. Trust Wireless Presenter 16661 is a solid and dependable presentation tool that helps you point and explain things better during your presentation. It has a simple plug and plays operation where you simply have to connect the device to your computer and it is good to go. It has easy to use control buttons and does not require a USB receiver that needs to be stored.

Quick Wrap-Up

Regardless of your level or the subject that you have chosen to teach, technology is undeniably your friend as a teacher. Students have a very close connection with the technology and devices which you can leverage into your teaching. Do not be afraid to try out new gadgets and tools at all times. Chances are, both your students and yourself will enjoy your classes more with the right kind of tech device in hand to deliver lectures.