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Five Great New York City Non Profits

New York City is a hub of so many things. This is where people for a great education. It's where they go to make it on Broadway, head for Wall Street or begin a career in diplomacy or publishing. Many people come to this city because they would like to make a difference. Working with a non-profit is a fabulous way to make the world a better place. New York City is home base for a great many wonderful non-profits. If you are thinking about applying to work here, this list of terrific companies should be the first place you look.

New York Cares

The large city can be a lonely place. Eight million people make this their home. Twenty million are part of the larger metropolitan area. People are looking for connections here. This organization helps them find it. It provides a means for people to volunteer their time. People can pick from all kinds of volunteering opportunities. Someone might work with seniors and listen to what they have to say. Another may spend time reading to kids or teaching them to read. The organization helps everyone find the right volunteer opportunity for their skills.

Teach To One

Another non-profit that is making a true difference in the lives of people in Teach to One. Thus organization aims to help teach math to kids in way that motivates them to become lifelong scholars of the subject who are capable of understanding all kinds of math concepts. They work closely with students on an individual basis in a way that allows each student to flourish academically. They do this through many forms of learning that have been shown to have results. This is a good organization to work with for those who are interested in the teaching profession.

James Beard Foundation

James Beard was perhaps the world's first foodie. He was a widely known figure in the United States and globally who did much to popularize the glories of American cuisine. His namesake foundation carries out his work in the very heart of one of the world's food capitals. The foundation focuses on work intended to honor and recognize those in this industry who remain devoted to quality ingredients and impressive technique. Working here is a wonderful chance to be part of something larger and a chance to promote the best of American food.

Project Sunshine

People who have a deep and abiding love of the medical profession should look to Project Sunshine as a place that will help them commit to this industry. This non-profit offers people the chance to go into hospitals and work to make the process of medical treatment easier on patients who are in the middle of procedures. They focus primarily on pediatrics patients. Kids are encouraged to find ways to be kids even when facing serious illnesses such as cancer. They help volunteers use their talents to make life a lot less stressful for some of the city's most vulnerable children.

New York Cares

One of the largest volunteer organizations in the entire city, New York Cares is all about providing local residents with a chance to volunteer their time effectively. They work with thousands of people happy to provide their services for those most in need in this area. Their goal is to remind people that this is one city that cares about the needs of all residents and wants to make their lives better and easier. People can pick from many kinds of volunteer work, enabling them to find something deeply satisfying.