Camy Pro Gear Faceplates up for pre-order


Camy Pro Gear Faceplates for the PSP are definitely something every PSP owner ought to check out. These new plates not only come with refreshed designs, they also offer the same high quality and resilience as found in the previous generation from Camy Pro Gear. What would definitely make any PSP owner proud is that these new faceplates are made from a new mold, one that supposedly fixes all issues concerning an improper fit that plagued the previous iteration.

The new Camy Pro Gear Faceplate range will be released this May 5th for $24.99 a pop. Of course, you can always place a pre-order today before they end up as back-orders. After all, momma did say that the early bird gets the worm, so what are you waiting for? Each purchase comes with a screwdriver, spare screws, detailed full colored installation instructions, and a full button set in addition to the faceplate. I wonder if there will be a pink faceplate to go along with those lovely pink PSPs in the near future. How many guys do you know own a pink PSP, and what made them arrive at that decision? Fire away in the comments.

Source: Acid Mods

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  1. Neil 9 April, 2007 at 21:49

    Kinda cool I guess, but for my taste I’d say nothing beats the standard black. It would be kinda cool if they did backlit face buttons….but I guess a kit like that might not be easy for the average consumer to install.

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