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Viking Tapes

Construction is a specialty profession with many different types of specific methods and processes designed to produce a higher quality as opposed to inferior quality. Being able to observe the specifics of these processes in the form of a high quality video is a great way to learn about new processes and how they work which is specifically the type of content that Viking Tapes wishes to provide. The following are two examples of constructions methods and techniques that are useful in the process of construction and examples of the types of methods and techniques that are covered by Viking Tapes.


One of the main functions of construction in the terms of buildings and structures is the process of controlling air flow in and out of the building and also either keeping in temperature in many cases. The combination of these attributes make the process of seaming vital to the process of construction and important for those working in the field to understand. The process of seaming involves the use of different barriers and connections between them to help provide the airflow and temperature support necessary to achieve success in this aspect of the construction process. Observing this process and the specifics associated with it through high quality video content is a useful and efficient way to become more oriented and experienced with the process prior to going out and working with the process in a live setting.


Another critical aspect of construction is control of water flow both in and out of the structure which is why the process of flashing is also critical in the process of construction as well. Flashing is specifically designed to keep water out of the structure and includes the various openings and points of entry to a structure including the doors and windows. The specifics associated with the attachment of one material to another at these various points and making it so that water cannot enter in from these points is another aspect of construction that people are going to benefit from observing before they begin working with in the live context to ensure this critical part of construction is performed correctly and this is another advantage of watching high quality videos on the process beforehand.

These are just some of the many different techniques and processes that are essential to the process of construction and areas that may be useful to study prior to working with directly. Do you know of any other processes that are essential to the construction process that should be observed prior to working with? Let us know down below!