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How to Grow Your Own Blog

Having a blog can be a brilliant way to express your thoughts and opinions on topics that interest you. Some people are happy to simply use their blog as a form of release and a hobby, and share it with a select few family members and friends. However, blogging now has the potential to be very lucrative thanks to the rise of product placement. If your blog has a large following, companies may approach you to ask if you will mention their products in return for a fee. Similarly, the blog site itself could offer you a regular fee in return for continued posting, as it brings attention to their site. Making a name for yourself in a certain niche can also lead to you being able to expand your money-making potential from purely blog based income to other areas, for example getting a book deal. Here, we run through some simple steps on how to grow your blog.


The first step to creating a popular blog is to provide fantastic content. You need to focus on topics which will get the attention of lots of people, so stay up to date with current generational trends and discussions. If you can find a way to talk about notorious subjects this is always a good way to get people’s attention too, for example sharing your views on current taboos topics. Make sure your content is well written and presented so that you are perceived as being a more respectable source. People need to have an enjoyable experience when visiting your blog, not just as a result of what they read but also from its aesthetic quality. So, use a professional theme for your layout and make sure your site is easy to navigate.


Once you have your blog ready to showcase, it’s time to start networking and getting your name out there. The best way to do this is by following other blogs and setting up social media accounts where you can market your own blog as well as sharing those of others, which is a gesture that is often returned. Try to grow a presence wherever your target market is likely to be too, for example if your blog is about parenting, contribute to online parenting forums and if you can, place ads in parenting-based publications.


Part of having a blog is advertising it, and the most affordable and effective way to do this is on social media. Create social media accounts with identical themes and aesthetics to keep your brand strong, and talk about your blog on them. Your posts on social media need to follow the same rules as your blog; they need to be attention grabbing and relevant. The more engagement you get on your posts, the more likely they are to appear in searches and feeds and the more likely you are to get more followers as a result. You can also use an instagram auto liker to increase your follower count.

Having a successful blog requires more than just top-quality writing; you need to treat your blog like a product and sell it to your target audience. Network, share it on your social media and boost engagement as much as possible. For more online and tech tips, take a look at techiediva.com.