iPod Commuter Shirt

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From the people who brought you the iPod Nano concealing tie, here is the iPod concealing commuter shirt. This shirt has a pocket on the inside of the shirt for your portable device, a channeling for your earphones, and also has another hidden pocket on the sleeve to hide a credit or debit card. It sounds like there is a real problem with iPod theft, but I guess this is a clever way to conceal the whereabouts of your device. This shirt comes in a couple of colors and is definitely a good idea for people wanting to protect their investment. A bit pricey at $140, but a really cool idea when it comes to security.
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  1. Musicgizmos 20 May, 2006 at 04:01

    iPod Commuter Shirt

    From the makers of iPod Nano concealing tie, iPod concealing commuter shirt is something to watch out for. There is a pocket on the inside of the shirt where you can for your portable devices such as an iPod,…

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