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Fun Things to Do in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is mostly known for its over the top casinos and flashy clubs. What most people do not realize is that it is the only beach in new jersey where you do not need to pay for a beach tag. If you go to other beaches like cape may, or margate then you need to pay for a day pass in order to use the beach.


If you have ever been to the Atlantic city boardwalk then you will know that fudge is a huge deal there. All over the boardwalk you will see people in clear glass windows working with the mouthwatering fudge. While most people choose to not splurge on pounds of fudge they prefer to buy wholesale candy online. Salt water taffys are also just as big of a deal in Atlantic city as the fudge.


If you go to some of the nicer casinos then you will pass some of the higher end stores like Burberry and Gucci. Many people who are visiting in order to gamble get comps for some of the stores in the casino. Depending on how much you bet you will get credit for some of the stores. This is great because many of the casinos in other states only give free play instead of comps to the shopping or restaurants. In AC it is totally different.


Arcades are a fixture in AC. If you are traveling with family then the arcades will keep them busy for hours. Many of the arcades are designed like casinos where when you play a slot machine it give tickets or tokens instead of cash. I prefer the carnival style games such as shooting a basketballs into a hoop or playing skeet ball.