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4 Essentials To Bring To The Beach

There are a variety of items you should bring to the beach this summer but the following are 4 essentials that are a must:

1. A Cooler With Snacks and Drinks

Hydration is a must - especially in the hot weather that most people go to the beach during. As much water as there is at the beach, none of it is hydrating whatsoever and the nearest vendor can be as far as a mile from the water’s edge. Planning efficient and effective snack and beverage choices are going to be an essential part of a long and enjoyable time at the beach. My personal favorite is Grippos Chips.

2. A Strong Pair of Flip Flops

Shoes and socks are not fun to wear near the sand since getting the sand out of a regular pair of shoes can be a nightmare. And not any pair of flip flops will be strong enough to handle all of the moving around that comes with going to the beach. For this reason, it is very wise to invest in a strong pair of flip flops. Avoid having your pair of flip flops break and then having to buy an overpriced pair from the nearest place.

3. Swimwear and Accessories

Bringing swimwear and accessories such as plenty of towels is a must for the beach and some may recommend bringing a few extras of each to make going to the beach a refreshing experience each time during the trip. No one likes going to the beach in the same wet swimwear covered in sand from the time before. Stay smart by planning ahead with extras of these essential items. Also, many who are not used to the intense sun may want to bring sunscreen as well.

4. Frisbee

A personal favorite - and something most people are not going to include on their lists - but there is nothing more fun to throw around across the long distances at the beach than a strong, durable, heavy duty frisbee. Unlike footballs, which crash into the ground quickly, and soccer balls, which also crash down quickly and require kicking up sand, the frisbee is something that can be thrown lightly and enjoyed by anyone of all ages. Also, the strong heavy duty frisbees they make today can withstand regular winds which means they will not be blown away so easily like cheaper plastic versions.

These are definitely a must to ensure the maximum amount of enjoyment of the beach experiences. Are there any essentials that you think we missed? Let us know down below!