Twitter your secrets

secret28647Just because I write and read about tech daily doesn't mean I know everything that's happening on the Web. There's just too much noise out there. That's why I'd love to know is why you guys havent' told me about SecretTweet ( Today I met a great gal over at Molly Wizenberg's book signing who told me about  If you love Post Secret, but don't have time to make a confessional post card, you can just tweet your secret.  Simple, huh? I've already spent an hour going through some of the tweets because reading them is so addictive. Consider that a warning. Personally, I still prefer, but this service will hold you over between PS postings.

And speaking of Twitter, I was watching Ellen yesterday, and P.Diddy was on the show talking about Twitter. Here's the clip in case you missed it.

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