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A Few Must Haves to Keep in Your New Convertible

Getting a new car is such an exciting process. Maybe not the paperwork involved but when you drive off the lot it is a satisfying experience. Most of the things you had to worry about in your last car no longer apply to this one. Instead of buying new breaks you can buy stuff that enhances your driving experience.

A Fresh Set of Cigars

If you have a passion for smoking cigars, then owning a convertible is perfect for that. Cigar smoke may be offensive to a lot of people. Having a convertible allows you to smoke and not have to worry about your car smelling afterward. Little Cigars are great if you aren’t planning on going that far as some cigars can burn for an hour. Online and at stores you can find thinner and quicker burning ones.

A Phone Holder

Whoever came up with the phone holder was a genius. Personally, I mostly use it when I use my gps instead of having my phone in my lap where I have to look down each time I want to check where I am going. The first holder I ever bought was one that clipped into my air vent. Quickly I learned that if I have to make a sudden stop or sharp turn in would fly off of the vent. The solution to that issue was to buy one that fits into the CD player. That style is what I have had for the past year and it works perfectly.

Seat Covers

If you bought a car without leather seats then having a cover is a good idea especially if you have kids. It is really hard to get stains out of cloth seats no matter how many times you shampoo them. You are not even safe with black interior. If you have leather seats then there is really no need. Probably the only thing you need is floor covers which are great if you live in an area where it snows a lot.