Top SEO Tips For 2019

Search engine optimization has continued to be an important part of any online marketing strategy. There are many businesses out there that have managed to grow all thanks to SEO. There are some people who claim that it no longer works, but it is most likely that they did not have a good strategy. The number of people accessing the internet has continued to grow, and most people will go to the search engines when they want to look for a business or services. There is a lot that has changed in the world of SEO over the years, and this takes place when search engines update their algorithm.

Most updates are scary because there are some people who were on the first page of the results, and they disappeared as soon as the update was done. Most of these people are those who used black hat techniques and manipulated the search engines, and the update was able to detect this, which results in losing the first-page ranking. Search engines want to provide relevant and quality results for their users, and you can rank well if your page is relevant. Below are some top SEO tips for 2019 from Scott Kveer SEO.

Consider post-click activity

This will determine the search result quality and if the intention of the user was met. No matter if the user spends 30 minutes or 5 seconds on the page, the most important thing is which action they took next. If the user clicks on your page then leaves it to go back to the results page and click on another result, the search engine will interpret this as an unsatisfied visitor and the content will be seen as unhelpful and irrelevant.

The action that the visitor takes will also help you in determining the direction of your strategy. You will know the keywords and phrases that are behind the internal links garnering the most clicks. You will be able to know the best direction to take.

Improving shareability

Having high shareability will not only a great way of gaining exposure, but it is also an indication that visitors see your content as being favorable enough to share it with his/her peers. How can you improve the shareability of your content?

If you ask yourself what makes you feel more compelled to share content you find resonates with you on some level and will be of value to the people you are sharing it with. You should try replicating this feeling to the readers-how can you resonate with them? You will need to know about the buyer's personas. If you know their values, challenges, and problems, you are in a good position to provide relevant and valuable content that provides them the solutions to their problems.

Another thing to do is prioritizing readability, this is by making the content scannable and easy for the visitor to digest and this is through the use of bullets, subheads, and white space.

Working on site speed

Site speed is one of the factors that affect your page rankings today, and the same will be the case in 2019. Many users will leave sites that are taking longer to load, and one single second delay can result in about 11% of fewer views and a 7% decrease in conversion. If you have not prioritized your site speed, then you are affecting your SEO and also conversion at the same time. There are some tricks you can use in achieving optimal speed, some of them are:

- compressing and optimizing the images

- Switching off plugs that are not being used

- reducing the response time of the server

- enabling caching (this is for visitors returning)

Don’t veer from your core topics

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When you start to create content for the sake of just creating it, it starts diluting your offering. When you have content that is not related to your core topics could work against you. Google tends to favor the sites that have specialized on a specific type of content, so you should try keeping the content related and you will see some improvements in your rankings.

Experimenting with video content

By 2021, video is predicted to account for 80% of traffic. Videos have become popular because they can be easily shared, and they are able to deliver content in a more interactive way where the users are able to visually consume the information.

Video has been shown to keep people more engaged on the site for longer, which reduces the chances of them bouncing off. There are some rules you will have to follow when it comes to dealing with video. The videos should be of high-quality video that is valuable, engaging, and more importantly entertaining. You should also nurture a relationship with the audience while encouraging sharing.Another good idea is paying attention to search suggestions that are related to your topic, then review the video content that is out there, then you can go ahead and create better.

The main goal of Google is providing their users with the best possible results; most informative, highest quality, and relevant. You should be paying close attention to algorithm updates, trends, and changes in the behavior of your target audience that could have an effect on how they like to consume content. Always try staying a step ahead of your competition.

Search engine optimization will continue to be an important aspect of online marketing. More and more people are accessing the internet using their smartphones, and it as even surpassed those using computers. This makes it important to consider the mobile traffic when creating your SEO strategy. You should also invest in quality content because it is become and more and more important for rankings. Providing quality content for your visitors is very important. If you are not able to create quality content, consider hiring someone to help you out.

Using the tips above will help your SEO campaign, and you should be able to see some great improvements in results.