LG & Prada Look Sharp

3044064574 c28a0f8181LG has announced the new KF900 PRADA phone and the design of it is absolutely luscious to look at.  Elegant and simple, they have truly outdone themselves with this sleek phone.  I'll also introduce you to the coolest accessory for this phone in the next post.

Not only does the phone include a touch screen, but it also incorporates a side slider full QWERTY keyboard so you can tap out text messages like a pro.  With a 3 hour talk time you won't have to keep charging this phone up, and, the phone includes extras like a document viewer (which allows you to view MS Office, .pdf, and .txt files on your device) and a superb 5MP camera and 4x digital zoom.  This is a huge upgrade from the usual 1.2 to 2MP cameras most phones include.

Access the internet on a clean and bright screen and keep your life organized with features and options that will allow you to even make video calls to your contacts.  Not available in the US yet, but European customers will get a first bid before the Christmas season, they say.

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