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Why  Should you Choose Filtered Cigars Instead of Cigarettes

Just like wine, cigars can vary greatly throughout different areas of the world.  If you are new to cigar smoking then get used to a ton of trial and error. There are so many different aspects to cigar smoking that people do not take into consideration whether they are smoking something hand rolled, machine rolled or even filtered cigars.

Filtered Cigars vs Tobacco

Most people think that filtered cigars are similar to cigarettes. Well, they could not be any more wrong. The only thing that they have in common is that they use a filter. Besides for that the differences are extremely apparent. First off, cigarettes use paper to hold the shredded tobacco while filtered cigars use a dark and aged tobacco leaf to hold everything in. Typically they will have only one type of tobacco while cigarettes will have a blend of many different leaves. The amount of chemical added to cigarettes is ten fold more than you would ever find in a natural cigar.


In the past the cigarette companies have tried to add flavors to cigarettes which was quickly made illegal for obvious reasons. The benefit of the filtered cigars is that you can get so many different flavors from Cognac to grape flavored. Those flavors are fermented into the tobacco giving it a natural flavor.

How Long they Last

Typically, a filtered cigar will last much longer than you thing. Some of them can burn more than thirty minutes compared to a cigarette which usually lasts a few minutes depending on the types of drags you are taking. What allows this to happen is the outside leaf which greatly effects the amount out time the Cigar burns for.

Overall, everyone has their preferences when it comes to cigars or cigarettes. The point I was trying to make is that they are nothing alike. There are also many different brands to try out in order to find what you like. The one positive thing is that you do not need to go out and buy a special lighter because the ones with filters tend to be a lot narrower.