Wear your Muzik

MuzikFor those of you out there who want to hide your headphone wires, and your digital player in your apparel, Muzikwear has embedded a "wire management system" into a short sleeve crew shirt. The WMS has three parts: grip (grips the wire), slack pocket (stores wire slack) and the digital player pocket. I would love to see this system on more "gym shirts" since that would make it easier to work out. I have a similar system where  I wear my armband, and I tuck the earphones under my shirt which is pretty practical. The shirts will be available for $29.99 ea and come in Black, White and Navy. Orders will be accepted starting Tues, Oct 25 at muzikwear.com.


  1. James Wood 21 October, 2005 at 13:14

    Hello all,
    I was very fortunate to be a tester for this product. The guys approached me while I was running at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. I run regurlarly with my shuffle. What a difference having the wires stay in place makes! One thing to note is that muzikwear spent extra money getting these shirts treated. Even after sweating in this cotton shirt it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a wet rag, a definite plus.

    South San Francisco

  2. Brent 20 October, 2005 at 15:11

    It seems like these shirts are great for working out or doing anything active. It says they are moisture wicking shirts, I think it is like NIKE’s Dri-fit line where you stay cool no matter how much you sweat. ANyways, great idea and will buy one because I’m tired of holding my IPOD while I’m running.

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