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The Growth Of The Mobile Gambling Industry

Mobile gambling has been on the rise in the past several years. And the rise has been quite impressive. There isn’t a reliable online casino, in fact, there isn’t even a mediocre one that doesn’t offer full mobile support and functionality. What is the driving force behind this growth – the advances in mobile technology, the lowered smartphone cost or the mobile internet connection is usually quite stable – or perhaps all of the above?

In most cases you will have access to the same games and other products and services as you would if you were playing on your desktop computer or laptop. In fact, it is even possible to make deposits and request withdrawals on your mobile device. Furthermore, there are mobile-only and mobile-first games, as well as payment options that are only available to mobile players.

The Whole Online Gambling Sector Is On The Rise

People started using smartphones more than a decade ago and it was only a matter of time before they would be able to provide a viable substitute for computers and laptops for most purposes. Many were sceptical when smartphones first appeared, just as there was a lot of doubt when the first online casinos appeared

It was hard to assume that an online casino site can be more than a second-best thing to a land-based casino, but many players nowadays prefer playing online. The latest statistics published by the UK Gambling Commission show that the remote sector is on the rise, whereas the land-based casino industry is in decline.

In countries where online gambling is fully legalised, smartphones and other mobile devices, such a tablets, are used by players to wager.

Number Of Mobile Searches Surpassed Number Of PC Searches

And it’s not just the mobile gambling industry that has been growing, if we have a look at the internet as a whole, we will notice that a large number of searches come from mobile devices. According to statistics, in the second quarter of 2018, more than half of all organic search visits came from mobile devices. It is estimated that in the US alone, there will be more than 220 million mobile internet users.

Why Are Mobile Casinos So Popular?

Why are mobile casinos so popular, you may ask. Firstly, we have our smartphones with us at all times, so they’re easily accessible no matter where you are. You just need to have a stable mobile internet connection and you will be able to play your favourite slots at any time. Online casinos are open at all times, whereas some land-based casinos will close for certain periods. Having said that, some are open 24/7 but even they don’t offer the accessibility that an online casino does.

As a further incentive, some online casinos may even offer special mobile bonuses that can be claimed only by players who are using their mobile device. This mobile-first approach that we have mentioned above applies to the overall layout of the site and how the games are shown. It means that the user-experience is particularly seamless on these devices and as a result, operators are often concerned with how their product appears and functions when being accessed on mobile.

You can test that yourself, just play any modern slot game and you’ll see how the overall layout looks on the small screen. Perhaps it is best to select a game like Secrets of the Phoenix slot, where the reels are quite explosive and see how the action is neatly packed on the screen.

It is safe to assume that a lot more operators will be keen to employ this approach in the upcoming years.