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Mobile Tech Revolutionizing The Face Of Retail

Retail as we know it has undergone an intensive makeover in recent years, and it's all thanks to mobile technology. As many as 230 million consumers in the USA are believed to use a smartphone on a regular basis. It has also been estimated that 79% of these smartphone users, equating to approximately 118 million individuals, have made an online purchase via their mobile phone during the past 6 months. The internet and its related technologies have revolutionized the way we shop, with an increasing number of people preferring to do the bulk of their purchases from the comfort of home, as opposed to going to a brick and mortar store.

Mobile apps revolutionizing retailer/customer relationships

Mobile applications are providing retailers with the chance to connect with their target market without having to rely on a physical place of business. Thanks to great advances being made in terms of mobile technology, it is now possible for a brand to reach out to consumers regardless of where they are. Advertisements on social media, push-notifications, and email & SMS marketing campaigns boost brand awareness without any direct contact made between the business entity and the consumer.

Benefits of online shopping

The convenience of online shopping is, without a doubt, its biggest appeal. Mobile connectivity makes it possible to shop from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night. Whereas most physical stores still supply paper receipts to customers, online shopping apps give you the option of saving your receipts or downloading and printing them. Price and product comparisons have also become substantially easier thanks to the internet. With a few taps on a cellphone screen, you can find competitive prices, consumer reviews, and product comparisons online that will allow you to make sound purchasing decisions. Online shopping technology also allows consumers to save significant amounts of money by eliminating travelling costs and reducing impulse purchases.

Recommended online shopping apps

Online shopping has come a long way since eBay was founded back in 1995 in California. Today, there are countless reputable online shopping domains, such as industry giants Amazon and AliExpress that provide consumers with a myriad of product items at competitive prices. For the fashion-forward among us, apps such as and Finery make it easy to look your best at all times, while Etsy, which is available for free on both iOS and Android, helps you source unique gifts and gadgets from around the world.

Online shopping has come a long way over the last 2 decades. As there is constant headway being made in terms of mobile device capabilities, one can’t help but be excited about what the future holds for online shopping.