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5 Vital Tips to Remember When Testing Your Mobile App

Developing an app is a lot of hard work. From conceiving the idea and nurturing it into something productive to building it from the ground up into something usable and something that provides real value into the lives of your users.

However, one of the most crucial areas of development is the testing phase. Without proper and accurate testing, you won’t be able to find the flaws or areas of improvements in your app which means it won’t be the best it can be.

When testing, you need to make sure you’re covering everything to get it right. Today, we’re going to explore five key tips to remember to make sure you’re doing this thoroughly.

#1 - Define Your Audience

The way an 18-year-old male uses an app is far different from that of a 50-year-old female, which is why it’s so important to define your audience before you set out to test your app. There are plenty of different criteria to think about here including age, gender, geographical location, and intention.

While you may have done this while developing your app, make sure you have your ideal target market clear in your mind while you’re in the testing stages.

#2 - Focus on Functionality

While testing, of course, you’re going to want to make sure all your features are working to their full potential, but you’ll essentially want to focus on the overall functionality of your app. Everything needs to connect to what it’s supposed to, and all relevant information needs to be shown.

Of course, if there’s a part of your app that doesn’t work then your app isn’t doing its job and won’t be a success. Always test every aspect of your app to make sure everything is working perfectly.  

#3 - Optimize Your User Experience

Usability is so important in an app because if it isn’t, nobody will want to use it. Every button, tab and interaction point needs to be fluid and enjoyable to use, so if there are any areas of the app that you don’t enjoy using, you’ll need to correct them before release. User experience testing should be an ongoing process throughout your development stages.

#4 - Use a Professional Testing Service

When you’re the idea person, developer and tester of an app, it can be difficult to test properly because you’ve seen the app in all its different stages. Sometimes, it’s far more beneficial to get a second pair of eyes to help.

However, this doesn’t need to be just anybody; but instead can be a professional mobile testing service that knows exactly what they’re looking for. Mobile App Testing services can look for everything while testing your apps to make sure it’s working to its full potential.

#5 - Optimize Device Performance

It’s all well and good creating an app that does something amazing and has an incredible user experience, but if it’s unable to run on your user’s device, it’s not going to be a success. Make sure you’re testing your apps on your personal devices and test devices to ensure there are no performance issues that are going to ruin your app’s success.


There are plenty of tips and tricks to remember while testing your app to ensure it’s perfect, but these five are the main things you’ll want to think about. Make sure you’re being thorough and not rushing to get things out to ensure your success.