Keeping Your Employees Happy and Productive Through Employee Recognition Programs.

Over the years the workplace has evolved from cubicles and set lunch breaks to having reward and recognition programs in companies. With this new age of work spaces and employee recognition programs come’s many different expectations.  Many studies have been done on employee’s productiveness and the results are always that to have the most productive employee you need to give them incentives and employee recognition programs.

Reward and Recognition Programs

Employees don’t always just want good pay and benefits; they also want to know that they are making a big difference to the company through their work, and to be valued and taken care of for it. Up to 80 percent of organizations reported having an employee recognition program. Rewards range from the simple thank-you notes to bonuses of cash or gift cards. Many programs like to catalog merchandise and gift certificates for retailers or restaurants. There are many companies online that offer implementation of rewards programs. Online Rewards is one of those companies who can develop effective employee recognition software for different businesses. You may see their website here:

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No Set Hours

Now that so many businesses are online with employees from all around the world it can be almost impossible to have everyone working the same hours. has a policy of no set hours meaning they want an employee to be recognized by the work they put in instead of how long it took them to do it. “We believe the best measure of success is what you accomplish, so we don’t need to measure how much time you take off to enjoy life.” Online employee reward and recognition programs can help you out as the employer on crafting the perfect way to make your employees feel special through incentives.

Monthly Stipends

For employees that are working a nine to five it can be especially hard to find time to run errands or even clean their own home. This is why some employers are now offering monthly stipends to their employees through their employee recognition program for the purpose of having someone run their errands, and to clean their home. This might seem a bit silly but it really pays for itself. By having the essentials taken care of there is less outside stress which studies have shown that less stress makes for a more productive employee.

Overall the workplace is evolving quickly and new companies are going to have to stay on top of employee reward and recognition programs. Right now the expectations of students fresh out of college are high and online employee recognition programs are the way to go.