A Few Essential Things to Keep In Mind When Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is probably the most important and significant thing you have ever had to do in your life so far. There are just so many different aspects to keep in mind and you have to pray that all of the stars stay aligned for that perfect wedding. From choosing wedding invitations  all the way to picking the icing on your cake planning a wedding is never going to be an easy task but maybe we can master just a few aspects of the whole process in order to create less stress so you can enjoy your special day.

basic invite 19 preview

Choosing an Invitation and Place Cards

When it comes to wedding invitations or a wedding guest book, Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options and you can also instantly view what the invitation will look like in its physical form. You can also change the color of each element on the card to over 180 different color options. It can be overwhelming to go into a physical wedding invitation store so choosing it online can really reduce that stress. They also just added a new clear collection which is my personal favorite.


Booking a Venue

It can be tough to try and figure out how much a venue is going to cost based on just pictures alone so visiting them in person is a must. It’s hard to see the vision from pictures and seeing the perfect venue in person can really bring up the excitement. Some venues can be strict on how much food they provide as well as the amount they charge if you go over on the time you agreed upon. Unexpected expenses are what really can burn a whole in your pocket so make sure they are quoting you the correct price. Many venues give the pretax amount because it just sounds better so when you get that final bill and it does not match the price they quoted it can really add some stress. You’re supposed to enjoy being a newlywed and not worrying about how much you went over budget.

You are allowed to Negotiate on Prices

Some wedding venues have a set price minimum - a useful strategy when negotiating - for each date is to pay the minimum at least but sometimes if you make a promise to bring the guest count up the price per plate can go down.

There has never been a perfect wedding but at the same time why not try? Planning a wedding should be fun so enjoy picking out your invitations and most importantly the free samples of cake and wine tastings!