277645402 b548d0a427This is the mood light "chiller" from a French company called Make sure when you check out the website, you click the English button at the top right ,and side of the website. So, this "chiller" is a cool little gadget stores you beverages and bottles  just like a normal cooler. But this cool gadget cooler sets the "mood" in 2 modes. The "freeze" mood is where you can just have one color to your liking to set the mood of the room. The 2nd setting is the "Fusion" mode where the LED changes color in a slow fading motion. It can be use with or without the AC adapter. If it is used without the AC adapter it can function for 8 hrs, then be recharged. And.. Of course you can put your Kristal in the container with ice or water because it is water resistant! (199.99 Euro).

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