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Importance of Teaching Kids How to Code

Back in the 50’s it was important for children to learn a trade at a young age and they would go to work with their fathers in order to learn it. There was a great need for jobs like electricians or plumbers. This is still a Job but if you want your kids to live comfortably in this millennium then they need to learn how to code. For someone that has no clue what this would even involve you do not have to worry about that. There are programs out their that can teach kids invaluable information within just a few weeks.

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Launch After School

This coding academy which is located in the Austin area is great. It all started when the three founders wanted to do something different. They all came together to established Launch After School with the purpose of teaching kids the basics of coding. If you aren’t looking for a huge financial or time commitment then this is the perfect place.

What do they teach?

Launch after school teaches many different coding languages. This is important because different types of coding languages are being used for different applications. For instance if they are working on a large database then SQL would be the best language to learn. The best part about his is that they figured out how to teach coding in a way that is fun for kids.  It is designed for children between eight and fourteen.

Universal Language of the Planet

Coding is now the universal language of the planet. There is no barrier to coding no matter where you go. It does not matter if you are in France, coding is the same in every single country. Once your child learns they will develop an analytical mind. These are mental skills that have evolved over the last twenty five years. Learning how to code is no longer considered nerdy. It is actually pretty cool as it can be used in every day life.

Overall this importance of coding is being shown everyday and you can either let your kids fall behind the curve or lead it. I know I wish I was able to learn how to code at such a young age.