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Do You Really Need a Case for Your Smartphone?

For most of us, our smartphones are one of our most treasured possessions.  Few of us leave the house without it and use it for many jobs during the day (and even a night!)  These devices are also quite expensive in most cases, involving either a commitment of hundreds of dollars or a monthly contract stretching over a year or two.  On top of this expensive, do we really need to then fork out more money for a smartphone case?

The case for a case

So why would you want to buy a case for your new smartphone?  Well, for starters, while these devices are extremely smart and very useful, they aren’t the toughest gadgets around.  Remember those rubber coated phones of years ago that would bounce if you dropped them?  The modern smartphone is nothing at all like that and they are very prone to breaking.

Another reason to consider a case is if you didn’t opt for phone insurance.  There are arguments for and against phone insurance so it’s a personal thing whether you take it.  But if you don’t (and even if you do) then a phone case can help protect the phone and mean you don’t end up footing a repair bill yourself.

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Comprehensive protection

Obviously, a good smartphone case offers comprehensive protection for your device.  Take the iPhone 8 cases – these protect that lovely, big screen from scratching which they are still prone to, despite all efforts.  And they also help protect the rear of the phone to keep it looking attractive and keep its recycle value up for later times.  Plus, a good case stops the lens on the camera being the bit that sticks out the furthest and is most likely to scratch along the table.

One of the top causes of damage to a smartphone is being dropped.  That shiny, attractive exterior looks great but it can also be slippery, especially if your hands are sweaty or you are wearing gloves.  The right smartphone case can add a layer of grip to the phone that reduces the chances of you dropping it – because, let’s face it, down the toilet is odds-on where it is going to go if you do!

Picking a case

So that’s the case for a case but how do you make a selection from the hundreds available?  Personal taste is one factor – buy what appeals visually is always a good tip.  Always go for a case that is designed specifically for your smartphone to ensure you get a perfect fit and that all the features work properly.  And look at the extra benefits the case brings – does it help the phone stand up or have a fold over section that protects your screen?

Choosing the right case is about what you like, what protects your phone and what you can afford but it is definitely one of those things that spending as much as you can be worthwhile.