VanityRing for those with extra large egos

vanityringEver gone online and Googled your own name? I know I've been guilty of doing that before, and unfortunately the results aren't too encouraging as I have more fingers and toes in total. For those who are super famous and want to parade just the number of times their name appear with each search, the VanityRing concept would do just fine. Dock it every night when you sleep, and it will search Google for the results containing your name, displaying the total number of hits on a tiny LCD screen on the ring throughout the rest of the day. I would've preferred a ring that automatically ties in with your bank account balance, since Google's results will number the commonness of a name which will definitely skew the final total if you share the same last name as a celebrity. The VanityRing isn't up for sale because it is but a design concept from Markus Kison at point of publishing.

Source: Sci Fi Tech

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  1. 19 October, 2007 at 01:28

    Vanity ring for the ones who love their names

    Let me start this way, even if you’re not too fond of your name (Like I have slightly modified my name), you certainly like it when it’s there on every newspaper or some guy walks up to you to…

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