Google Competes with iPhone?

Google tries to stay a step ahead, and with the iPhone's fast popularity, you know that they won't sit still for long.  In comes the Google Phone!  Will you have to pay a hefty $300-$600 for it?  No, this one is planned to really "wow" you with FREE access. 

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What do you have to pay (because we all know that free really isn't always free) instead of money?  Well, you simply have to give up some time and review ads that Google throws at you.  I find that my time is precious but I would definitely opt in on this phone if it meant I could access information on the fly.

This prototype cell phone will offer you free stuff in trade for advertising dollars that it gleans from marketers.  What we're not sure that you get is actual phone access, a touch screen, an MP3 player and the other features that the iPhone can certainly boast.

I do think that if Google really does work to release this and it only has the benefit of being able to search for things on the fly, including maps, phone numbers, and all things Google, it would still be well worth it.  Wait, it's free...I guess it would simply be well worth your time to try it out, then.

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