Wake Up with Originality

1600487216 e9c86704f5Do you like to be different?  This alarm clock will certainly allow you that opportunity.  With a hand blown glass tube that carries a nice current, you won't be disappointed each morning after hitting snooze on your old clock, this one will wake you up with a jolt!  This Lightning Alarm Clock dares to be different.

No, it won't actually jolt your body with the white lightning effects but it will wake your senses up and make the noise and give you the sights of being shocked.  With buzzing electric charges and a super bright lightning display, I doubt you'll have much of an issue waking up. 

You might not have a great start to your day, though.  I guess it depends on what type of personality you have.  Maybe you like thrills to start your day instead of a relaxing slow waking experience.

For about $50 you can add this clock with its hour, minute and seconds display to your home decor.  Choose the AC power adapter or two AA batteries for power and set your wake time.  Pretty soon you'll be "charged up" for the day.  Hey, it looks fun at least.

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