Electronic Tattoo for the Needle-Phobic

I've always hated tattoos because they're so permanent, but what if your tattoo only showed up when it was stimulated by touch?  Again, Philips Design is pushing the boundaries--and creepiness factor--with tattoos that work much like electronic ink. Here's what they say about it. "The SKIN; Tattoo project investigates the use of electronic ink that would allow people to have dynamic tattoos with an infinite number of display options. In much the same way as make-up is put on and taken off to suit the occasion, a tattoo could alter whenever desired. The tattoos could even change in response to gestures or emotions, which opens up novel ways of communicating and interacting with others."

"The purpose of the SKIN; Tattoo Probe, however, is not to discover whether Philips should be involved in high-tech body adornment. "We are interested in the concept of emotional sensing, because this may well have a major influence on the interfaces of the future," says Clive van Heerden, Senior Director of design-led innovation at Philips Design. “We have simply chosen electronic tattoos as a medium for showing our explorations." 

Watch the video, you'll see what they're talking about. [Philips Design]

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