Hybrid bike and shopping cart


So you're one who loves the environment so much, you either walk to all nearby destinations or use a bicycle if the place you're headed off to is slightly farther than your legs could handle. What happens when you have to do your weekly grocery shopping? Walking home with a cart full of the week's groceries is definitely a heart warming idea (through intense "exercise", of course), but is there an easier way to do so? The answer to that question is affirmative - as evident by the half shopping cart, half bicycle mode of transport that you see above. All it takes to conjure up this green transport is a little DIY know how as well as passion for the extraordinary, and you would've helped make the world a greener place.

Imagine everyone ditching their vehicles whenever they head out to pick up an item in the neighborhood, using this instead. It might not amount to much individually, but collectively, the impact would definitely bring a smile to Al Gore's mug. The only thing that bugs me would be the durability of such a setup - without proper suspension in place, the groin area would definitely be sore after a while.

Source: Core77

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  1. Mary mert 19 September, 2007 at 06:45

    I get your newsletter… OMG this is something. I get annoyed with cart wheels that rattle and squeak , and pull to the left… I can’t imagine what a racket that thing is going to make on pavement- not to mention the sound of the metal banging against itself. I totally agree though, that puppy needs better suspension before I try it. 😉

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