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For those of you who take you're Nano everywhere, now you can truly take it everywhere and anywhere, including into the water with you, for those summer days at the beach or chilling out by the pool, without fear of damaging your precious baby.

H2O Audio has released a new waterproof case for the iPod Nano that is usable up to 10 feet. The casing comes fashioned to be worn as an armband accessory  or can be attached to a swim belt and sells for $79.99. The H2O Audio waterproof headphones are sold separately for $39.99, but the case will work with any other waterproof headphone as long as they support a 3.5mm jack.

The casing also has a patented "Commander" wheel which allows access to the Nano's control interface while you're submerged. The casing off course will also offers general protection from the elements, and scratching & denting making it a perfect addition for surfers, wakeboarders, waterskiers, and swimmers to joggers and snowboarders.


  1. Lee's Journal 5 July, 2006 at 04:18

    H2O Audio Waterproof iPod Cases

    If you cant live without your iPod and always wish to take it everywhere even in the water, H2O Audio has found the solution for you. H2O Audio has released waterproof iPod cases for iPod and also waterproof headphone.
    The H2O Audio Series i…

  2. Qwerty Maniac 12 May, 2006 at 22:05

    Near the water or by the beach it comes handy and keeps it safe but under it? Unh, I dont think I would like to listen to music while I swim, what if I forget to breathe? 😛

    I wont mind a waterproof watch though lol…

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