BLINGPlayer racks up street cred

blingplayerThe MP3 player is truly a Walkman for the 21st century, and many thanks are due for Apple's iPod in this case. Unfortunately, design the MP3 players aren't exactly the most stunning these days, and it looks as though Apple is one of the very few companies left who intend to release something that is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing as well. MediaREADY wants to inject some excitement into the world of MP3 players with their new BLINGPlayer (talk about getting straight to the point!) which carries up to 2GB of music and video.

Features of the BLINGPlayer include an integrated FM radio and a full color screen, packaged along with a heavy silver chain and a jeweled pendant to make you feel like a rock star. You can also pick up jewel-encrusted designs if you feel that you have the dough to spare, and these include polished, brushed or skull-and-crossbones dogtag styles. The base unit for the BLINGPlayer stands at $119, and the more bling options you add on, the higher the price goes.

Source: Gizmag

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