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How Technological Advancements Helps Create High-Quality Dietary Supplements

For decades, people of all ages have taken supplements to improve various aspects of their health and wellness. Nowadays, supplementation is commonplace and often the best option for people to get the essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Technology is at the heart of recent innovations that allow people to access higher-quality supplements that can dramatically improve their wellness. So how has technology increased the quality and accessibility of supplements?

How Has Technology Improved Dietary Supplementation? 

Recent technological advancements have greatly benefited the health and wellness industry. Continual innovations in manufacturing, production and distribution are helping more people overcome health problems, reduce symptoms of chronic conditions and achieve a better quality of life. 

Brands like BestVitamin are leading the way to a healthier future for everyone, so what has technology done for companies that produce natural health products?

1. Higher Quality, Non-GMO Ingredients

While GMO foods are widely consumed and cost-effective to produce, there are environmental and health concerns associated with the use of genetically modified crops. Natural and organic sources are once again becoming increasingly popular, offering naturally effective, non-GMO options that provide a much safer alternative.

These non-GMO foods are more carefully grown, harvested and processed to deliver the maximum efficiency without modification or the use of pesticides, helping manufacturers create organic products that won’t adversely affect your health or the planet.

2. Improved Manufacturing Processes

When typical health supplements first became available nearly a century ago, factory workers would process ingredients and create the tablets, pills and capsules with minimal assistance from basic machinery. 

As technology has developed, manufacturing processes are now infinitely more efficient, increasing the quantity and quality of the vitamin and mineral supplements produced. This means you can now find a rich variety of natural, premium-quality vitamin supplements at affordable prices that can be shipped right to your door. 

3. Better Quality Control

Improved manufacturing processes have also meant brands can eliminate the possibility of toxic substances entering their products. Stricter regulations and higher quality control standards have led to more carefully controlled environments in which supplements are produced. Nowadays, you can be assured that the supplements you take are uncontaminated by foreign substances that could be hazardous to health, just so long as you purchase your products from a reputable source.

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4. Increased Diversity

Supplements are available in various formats thanks to developments in manufacturing technology, allowing you to get the vitamins and minerals you need without trying to swallow oversized capsules. Softgels, chewable sweets and powders — as well as smaller tablets, capsules and pills — all provide different ways for you to supplement your health more simply and easily. Many supplements are also developed so they don’t need to be taken with food, making supplementation a lot more convenient.

5. More Advanced Research

Better technology has facilitated more extensive and detailed research into developing effective health and wellness products. Automated processes reduce the likelihood of human error and increase the speed at which research occurs, enabling doctors and scientists to obtain results from clinical studies faster. This means tried-and-tested supplements can be put into production and made available more quickly.

Should You Take a Dietary Supplement?

Technology has transformed how health supplements are manufactured and produced, giving you more options than ever to take control of your health. An increasing number of potent formulations are being created all the time, so whether you’re looking for ways to reduce the symptoms of an ongoing condition or effectively maintain your well-being, natural health products can significantly improve your quality of life.