Coca-Cola readies new self-chilling bottle

chilled-sprite-bottleEveryone knows the refreshing taste of an ice cold Coca-Cola during a hot summer day, and the company that has been quenching thirsty people since time immemorial is just about ready to release a new type of bottle that utilizes a special technology that chills the contents inside even when the top is left open. Apparently, Coca-Cola claims that these new bottles would mean you no longer need any ice when you want to drink the beverage cold. After all, ice does have another detrimental effect - when it melts, your drink gets diluted, which isn't too good for your discerning taste buds.

Strange enough, these new bottles will need to be stored at a specific temperature, which means the company will also have to develop new vending machines from scratch. It is speculated that the first of such bottles will be used to store a new Coca-Cola product known as ‘Sprite Super Chilled’. I guess they're treading on eggshells here, since should the product tank it will not have any detrimental effect to their iconic drink, Coca-Cola. On the other hand, should this new bottle take off, expect Coca-Cola to chill out like never before.

Source: OhGizmo!

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