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Developing Your First Smartphone App: Here’s What You Need to Know

The Android and iOS platforms have opened up a vast sea of opportunities for talented students with a software development masters degree. Everyone has a shot at showcasing their brilliance and expertise in the field by launching an application now. While it’s a fact that the competition in the field is also fierce, at least the chance is there for the gifted young coders, designers, and concept creators among us. However, making an app is much more difficult than using it, for obvious reasons, so this is what you need to know before you begin your journey on that road.

You Need an Expert Coder

If all that you have is an idea and not a masters in software development, you will need to hire an expert coder. Coding takes some time to learn and without the help of someone who has completed a professional degree course in the field, your hopes of making that superb app idea come to life will continue to remain a dream. Alternatively, you could get your own online MSSD degree if you don’t want to depend on the expertise of another person. Either way, your team will need a developer first.

You Need a Designer

While coding is by far the most important part of an app, the graphics and animations are also going to be very important to ensure its success. After all, when people look at an app on the Play Store or the App Store, the decision to download it and try it out depends largely on the visual representation. This is particularly true if you are trying to develop a game, for instance. In any case, every app needs an attractive, clean interface and outlook for people to even consider it. Useful and make sure you dont miss any social media agency and buy real active soundcloud followers

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Things Would Probably be Easier on the iOS

The major difference between coding for Android and iOS is the fact that it’s easier to develop an app for the iOS than it is to do so for the Android OS. The reason is simple really; all iOS devices are made by Apple, while Android smartphones and tablets are made by multiple manufacturers, which often results in compatibility issues. If you are starting out, you would probably find your footing better on the iOS. Once you have gained the necessary experience, there’s nothing stopping you from moving onto the Android OS as well.

Updates are All Important

If it’s your first venture, you and your team will likely make mistakes and that’s to be expected. What is also expected of every good developer team, is a sound and reliable update policy. You need to keep updating your software regularly to bring improvements to the UI, enhance security, fix bugs, add features and functionalities, make it more user-friendly, etc. Updates are the lifeblood of your apps and the improvements which you bring to your users are the reasons why they will stick to you.

It is not going to be easy and you may not even see any money at all in the beginning, but if the core concept and the execution are good, you will grow with time. Just keep these points in mind to make sure that you don’t end up starting out on the wrong foot.