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OK I admit it, I'm addicted to the Internet, and don't even try to front, you know you are too. But knowing is half the battle right??? So this is why I'm moving to Canada. Earlier this year Bell Canada and Rogers using the Inukshuk wireless broadband network released a portable broadband product, allowing customers to have access to their Internet service ANYWHERE.

Ok anywhere you can find a power outlet.

The service requires you to use a portable wireless broadband modem, which you then have to connect to your machine and off course a power outlet. Though ads claim the modem to be paperbook size, based on pictures I've seen I'm not convinced. Regardless its a convenient service and requires no additional software, just plug in & you're connected.

Available in 54 citiies across Canada the service is called Sympatico High Speed Unplugged (from Bell) and Rogers Portable Internet (of course from Rogers in combination with Yahoo!) and offers speeds of up to 3.0 Mbps/384 Kbps for US$46 a month.

All they need to do now, is to find a efficient battery/power source or make it into a card that I can slip into my notebook and I'm SOLD!!!

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