Freeing AOL from its shackles


A snarky commenter posted on DailyTech that AOL is finally being offered for what its worth...NOTHING. The great one has finally bitten the dust, and in a last attempt to salvage what they can AOL has released their portal, messenger, aimphonline, email and social networking for Free.

Despite the fact that the AIM client boasts a membership of some 53 million, with the advent of broadband, the actual AOL portal itself, has suffered massive losses of their customer base due to AOL’s failure to change with the times, and they're charging customers prices comparable to that of DSL for dial up.

AOL Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Miller believes “We’ll now be able to maintain and deepen our relationship with many more members who are likely to migrate to broadband. Providing them with their familiar AOL software”. AOL will now derive the majority of their revenue from advertising.

AOL users who cancelled their accounts within the last two years, will be able to use those accounts now free as AOL has reserved your email accounts for you.

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