Tourist Remover

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but getting a clear picture is priceless !!! No really it's free!!! Ever try to capture a physical record of a historic or scenic spot during your vacation, only to find it littered with other tourists? or just find it impossible to capture your picture without someone being constantly in your crosshairs? Well there are two ways to combat this problem? One, if you're a pro with Photoshop (or can find a friend who is), you can digitally remove the offenders or two send your pics in for free to the Tourist Remover service.

The service from futureLab, enables you to have object or people free shots of your masterpiece photo's by rendering a composite, of several photos taken of the same scene.

It is a part of the Online Photo Manager from the snapmania service and also allows you 100MB of storage space for your photos so you can share them with you friends and family.

The Snapmania service enables you to share, archive and organize your photos, and also has features such as webalbums, photoblogs, e-cards and photobooks.

[Oh Gizmo!]

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