World's First: Interactive Wedding Dress

188160696_c5aeddfe66Cute Circuit designed the "Kiss me" gown and suit of pure Indian Silk for a lucky couple in Sweden who tied the knot in a very original way.

"And at the dramatic conclusion of the ceremony, when the happy couple kissed, two messages containing before unspoken love words were passed from one to the other (one from him to her, and one from her to him). The messages are shown only to the couple through a miniscule display integrated inside the trim of the clothes for absolute romantic-secrecy."

The wired garments transform into regular outfits that could be worn many times after the honeymoon is over. The wedding gown's train is removable so the skirt could be turned inside out for a change of color.


  1. Veronica (BornRich) 29 July, 2006 at 05:03

    Clothes with interactive technology seems to be the new fascination with the designers. iPod-friendy clothes, touch-sensitive scarf….the list goes on!

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