Knit Lights

199832056 f36142d155 mKnitting can be a very relaxing and enjoyable hobby, but what if you could spice up your hobby a little? With the LED knitting supplies you can have knitting needles and crochet hooks that light up your knitting projects. So what if you are working on your third scarf and still have no one to give it to. At least you will be able to see and knit in the dark. The picture actually shows two different styles of knit lights. There is one that makes the whole need glow and one that has a glowing tip. Whichever you choose, it is sure to make your knitting experience a lot more interesting.

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  1. Rusty 1 August, 2006 at 16:20

    Actually, Donald, the pictures show knitting needles and a crochet needle…not that you’d know the difference, but I thought you’d like to know.

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