Writing a Book At The Apple Store in Heels

Almost Fishbowl NY writes about Isobella Jadeco, a petite model who wrote an entire 250 page memoir while standing in heels, nonetheless, at an available 17" iMac at the Apple Store in Soho. The 5'2 model who lives out of a suitcase in NYC is now selling her memoir entitled Almost 5'4 where "she tells a tale of modeling you won't find in Vogue." The poor girl doesn't have a computer or Internet connection, but she has modeled for Mass Appeal, Stuff and Juicy Couture. She has also been invited to give readings of her book in San Francisco and LA. I guess the Apple store also helped her do this video. Great story about a girl with a lot of heart.

She is the underdog of modeling. She tells a tale of modeling you wont find in Vogue or on the runway. How she wrote a book is a compliment to Apple for their new innovative ways of allowing customers to use the free internet provided at the store. Has Isobella taken advantage? Maybe, but she has stood in heels for hours writing her book which is particial dedicated to Apple since this past year 90 Percent of her resume has come from jobs she has gained by visiting the store. If anything Steve Jobs should give her a call. Attached is more information and a trailer that was shown and will be shown before her readings. Dylan, thank you for your time, Isobella is currently editing and living what she is writing, working as a model and pitching her book to agents in NYC.

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  1. Victor Panlilio 28 July, 2006 at 15:19

    Very inspiring story — Isobella is working hard to attain her goals, and is resourceful in how she goes about it. Apple should do a profile on her. However, the video linked to above was done by a filmmaker, Ed David, whose demo reel is also pretty impressive.

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