Quick Feed: Black Friday & Other Deals

  • How to Score the Best Deal in Electronics Stores [Yahoo Tech]
  • Tricks to Outsmart the Competition [PFAdvice]
  • Amazon Customers Vote starts with $139 PS3 and $79 Wii [i4U]
  • iPods for Peanuts [Crave]
  • Office Depot Black Friday Ads: Cheap HDDs, Computers and other Goodies [Gizmodo]
  • CompUSA Deals: Computers, Games, and Loads More [Gizmodo]
  • Series2 Tivo plus year of service for $125 [CrunchGear]
  • Samsung's Q1 UMPC down to $580 [Engadget]
  • TiVo Wraps Up Service Discounts for the Holidays [Yahoo Tech]
  • How to Hack the Holidays and Score the Best Deals Online [Wired]
  • T-Mobile to Offer Free Flights on Black Friday [Geeksugar]
  • Wal-Mart's Black Friday Deals Revealed [CNN]
  • Black Asus Eee ships November 16th [i4u]
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