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Four Forms of Tech Based Entertainment In 2017

Ahhh technology, oh how it has made many a life easier, well, that’s the plan! Perhaps things don’t always run so smoothly, either way there’s no doubt about the fact that technology is here to stay and it’s had a strong impact on every aspect of our lives. We’re all aware of how tech has influenced our time at work (punching computer screens anyone?) but have you given thought to the role it plays in our entertainment? No? All good, because here’s a rundown on how tech is influencing our entertainment in 2017.


Parties, Photo Booths And A Whole Lot Of Fun!


Ladies love a good selfie, it’s a scientifically proven fact, shhh, you know it’s true. Technology has crept into our parties and given them a good old boost of f-f-fun. The ultimate selfie machine if you will, the open air photo booth is hot off the press and steadily becoming a booming form of party entertainment in 2017. Don’t know what an open air photo booth is? Booth Boy offers photo booth hire - https://boothboyphotobooth.com/photo-booth-hire-newcastle/. Their website will give you a good idea of what an open photo booth looks like and how it operates.


Augmented Reality


Why settle for standard old reality when you can augment it?! Yep, companies such as Microsoft are developing projects and actively investing in the technology. What exactly is augmented reality? Imagine computer generated content superimposed on top of real world objects. You could play your favourite computer game on a table, instead of on a screen. Pretty amazing!



Personal Media Streaming


Free to air Tv is dying a fast death and personal media streaming is another nail in its coffin. Services such as Air Video allow you to stream you personal media collection across your different devices. It’s a heck of a lot easier than copying and re-encoding your videos each time you wish to watch them on a different device. The best part is you can keep your own collection of media and watch it at your leisure, goodbye programmed television, goodbye hassles!


The Pet Drone


here’s one for the true narcissists or those with a serious selfie addiction. Pet drones are small drones which fly autonomously and can be set to follow you around. What do they do when they follow you around? Take selfies of you of course! Drones such as the Hover Camera Passport are pitched as the perfect way to take travel snaps, simply set it and let it snap away as it follows you through the streets of your favourite exotic destination. Frankly, I’m not sure whether to be impressed by the technology or horrified at the thought of people walking around with selfie drones documenting their days!