Adjustable Breast Implants

Spectrum1400Have you ever considered breast implants? I never have, mainly because I'm a coward when it comes to uncessary surgical procedures. But if I ever decided to go through a breast augmentation procedure, I'd have to look into Spectrum's Postoperatively Adjustable Breast Implants. Apparently, the doctor is able to add or remove saline to the final size of the breast implants six months after the initial operation to ensure you're happy with the end result. The adjustments are small, giving your body time to adjust without leaving ugly stretch marks. To do this, the doctor leaves a small removable fill tube attached to the implant after surgery so he can easily adjust the saline. Once you're satisfied with the end result, the tube is removed forever. Interesting. But would you still do it?

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  1. Jamie 24 April, 2007 at 02:30

    I know a lot of people on the net are on and on about how shallow these are and how much a waste it is, and so on, and so forth. But as a transsexual who will, if my current growth patterns hold true, need these some day to be more than an A/B cup, I am thrilled to death that I’ll be able to start small and ease up, as I don’t /want/ DD’s. I can only guess how masectomy patients will feel about these as well!

    Thank you for posting this in what seems a reasonable tone, instead of the mocking most other blogs have gone with.

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