Women were Stylin' at BlogHerCon

This weekend at the BlogHer conference I could not help but notice women with sticker covered laptops.  Forget all those laptop skins, this is a better way to express yourself, while customizing the look of your laptop. I think these gals just started a new trend. Ms Jen and Lauren gave me a bad case of "Gadget Envy" as they were sporting an awesome Nokia 7610. The women looked beautiful and there was just so much information to digest. Our design class had technical difficulties, it seems everyone had problems with WiFi connections.  I think our class had the most class participation due to our techie problems which made so much better. But for those who could not attend we put a few notes together at TechieGirl.Net.  If you could not attend the Blogher Con this year, you should really try your damnest next year. I feel so empowered by the information I received, and the amazing women I met. That's what is all about, meeting the community of woman bloggers, the support and the camaraderie between women is what makes us a stronger unit.  I feel I have a new perspective of it all. I love you guys! We should do this more often. Viva la Bloger Con! Check out some Flickr Photos.

Mary Hodder

Lapstick3_3Lapstick_1Blogher_129576790_bab942ee84 Dana

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