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How to Bolster Your Resume in a Tech-Driven Business World

As crowded as the tech-industry is, it’s never been more important to set yourself apart through your resume. But other than waiting to accumulate more experience, are there some tangible ways that you can bolster your resume and earn new opportunities?

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Resume

When it comes to earning job opportunities in the tech space, employers generally take the following into account:

  •     Past experience
  •     Technical competence/certifications
  •     References
  •     Personality/cultural fit

Ultimately, these are the four buckets/components that make up your resume. And when we use the word “resume”, we aren’t necessarily talking about your physical resume printout. We’re talking more in terms of who you are – your professional identity.

The good news is that your resume is malleable. It’s possible for you to strengthen it over time and improve your job prospects. And here are some specific ways you can do that:

1) Improve Your Writing Skills

“Having excellent writing skills can make you an indispensable member of your team or company,” Great Solomon writes for Forbes. “And it’s one of the best ways to remain consistently employable – no matter your profession.”

Don’t believe writing is a relevant skill for you in your career? Well, if nothing else, consider how much time you spend writing emails and developing reports. That’s writing! What about generating memos and proposals? Again, that’s writing.

By enhancing your writing skills, you make an investment in your ability to communicate with others. Whether you’re a programmer or a salesperson, that’s a skill that you can’t do without.

2) Learn Data Science

Big data is continuing to transform the business world – and it intersects with the tech industry in some pretty profound ways. Within five years, there will no longer be “data guys” within the industry – everyone will be a “data guy.” Data is the industry.

Now’s a great time to enhance your knowledge. Learn data science essentials to improve your knowledge related to complex data and how it can be used to evaluate and enhance business undertakings.

3) Network With the Right Individuals

Most people are notoriously bad at networking. Yet, if you study the most successful figures in the tech space, you’ll notice they have massive networks of personal and professional acquaintances. This isn’t a coincidence. 

Don’t save networking for times when you need it – like when you’re searching for a new job. Networking is a proactive investment where you plant seeds and let them grow over time so that you can reap a harvest when you need it most.

In particular, be sure to network with the right people. If your goal is to work for a large tech corporation, get to know people who are current employees at these companies. If you’re interested in starting your own business one day, meet other folks who have strong entrepreneurial spirits. Use your time and energy wisely!

4) Get Certified

The tech industry loves certifications. Employers rely on them to make snap judgments on who is qualified for what positions. Adding more certifications to your resume will only bolster your attractiveness.

Here are a few of the most coveted tech certifications:

  •     CompTIA
  •     Salesforce
  •     Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
  •     Lean Six Sigma
  •     Project Management Professional (PMP)
  •     AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  •     Cisco
  •     Data Science

Obviously, these eight certifications span a broad range of tech niches and professions, but this at least gives you an idea of what employers value. Acquire the ones that make sense for you and leverage them to prove your worth.

5) Build an Online Brand

Even if you don’t consider yourself an entrepreneur or business owner, you have a brand. You’re either actively shaping that brand, or it’s simply a result of your experiences and interactions with other individuals in the industry. We suggest you take an active role in building your online brand. 

“Your brand is what distinguishes you from your competitors, helping to form a lasting impression in the mind of your audience and customers [and employers],” entrepreneur Tyler Basu writes. “Without a compelling personal brand that attracts your target audience, you may find yourself struggling to build a profitable and sustainable business.”

You build an online brand by getting your name and face out there. Take every opportunity to guest blog, appear on podcasts, push out YouTube videos, and nurture your social media profiles. 

Give Yourself Every Advantage

You can’t control everything in your career, but you do have a significant degree of influence over the image you project to prospective employers and business partners. Be purposeful in how you shape your resume. Make a commitment to strengthen it over time and you’ll be happy with the results.