Women want electronics too!

151255I remember the days when women used to compare notes on designer handbags, clothes or shoes. "So how do you like your new Prada Bag and those killer shoes you got last week?"  I think conversations between women are starting to sound more like this " Hey Girl, how do you like your new Nokia phone, does it take high resolution pictures?"," How many GB did you say your iPod has?", "So what kinda of video camera do you use for your vlogger?"  Even though some of us still want to rush in and out of Fry's because its a bit too much testosterone filled, we can't deny that we are actually enjoying the trips to electronic stores. Women influence 80% of all household purchases, so companies have taken notice.  "In many ways, this closing gap is a sign of the times: Women have more buying power and they increasingly use technology to manage their busy schedules. Women's comfort level with technology is at an all-time high." (Read Article)

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